Whether you want to control which parts of your office or storefront employees can enter, keep expensive items in your warehouse under lock and key or provide the best possible protection to school staff and students, it is imperative to know what managing your access control system entails. The importance of understanding your access control systems cannot be stressed enough.

While the term may sound mysterious, an access control system is simply the policies enforced, procedures followed and measures are taken to maintain a certain level of security. Each system is different, but it can include door locks, wireless locks, keypads, card readers and the software that allows all of it to run.

In order to be effective, they must be installed and managed well. Read on to get details on the different components of access control systems so you can choose the setup that will keep your business, property or home secure.

Types Of Locks

Advances in technology have created a type of lock for just about any need your business has. You can use the same kind of lock across your site of operations or mix them up to find the perfect blend.

  • Battery-powered locks – Requiring no external power source or wiring, these smart locks get their juice from batteries inserted into the locks themselves.
  • Wireless locks – These electronic locks operate independently of a hardwired card reader and utilize connection methods such as Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Bluetooth locks – Per their name, these convenient locks allow users to initiate lock and unlock commands via a mobile device by communicating via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Offline door locks – All of the information these locks need to function is contained in the lock or the card/key fob.

Keep Track Of Keys

Part of understanding your access control systems is realizing that the best system in the world can fail to keep a building or room secure if keys fall into the wrong hands. Key control systems help prevent this scenario by restricting access to keys. They are kept in a locked container such as a case or cabinet.

Those who are designated key holders must swipe or scan their card via a technology reader to prove their identity. Key control systems also offer a dependable way to track keys and make employees accountable.

Access Flexibility

Contactless card readers offer a longer read range than contact card readers, which require contact between the card reader and a credential. Users can gain access quickly, but still securely, with contactless card readers because they can pass their credential in front of the reader without touching it.

If you want credentials and readers that support multiple types of technology, you can choose dual-technology credentials and readers. Doing so would allow users with different types of credentials to use multiple kinds of card readers and/or card readers to read multiple types of credentials.

Arm Your Perimeter Entries

As the name implies, the perimeter entries of your organization’s site are those on the edges of the property. The lobby of a high rise apartment building and the main entry to an office in a shared building are examples of perimeter entries.

Due to their location, these entry points mandate a high level of security. With a full understanding of your access control systems comes the awareness that these are not the places where you should try to pinch pennies.


An Access Control System You Can Trust

Hawken Locksmith Services can install any level of access control system your business or residential needs – from a simple stand-alone unit programmed with a couple of entry codes to a vast system consisting of multiple doors connected by several doors and outfitted with individual codes for each user.

Your security system should be dependable in any circumstance. We use technology from world-class manufacturers such as Alarm Lock, Cansec, HID, Rosslare, Kaba, IEI and Secura Key to ensure it will protect your business.

You will enjoy the following benefits when you hire us to install your access control system:

  • Set management and user levels
  • Individual door control
  • Set and control employee access
  • Door access and user logs
  • Audit trail reports for filing or printing
  • Proximity cards and fobs
  • Biometric credentials customers
  • Experience serving local and state governments

Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of industries and sites including manufacturing plants, warehouses, antique collectors, retail stores, builders, property managers, homeowner associations and rental units.

As a family owned and operated business with about 20 years of experience, we take great pride in delivering honest and exemplary customer service. We back up all of our locksmith labor with a 30-day guarantee, carry a $1,000,000 insurance policy and are licensed in the state of Illinois.

You can rest easy with the knowledge that your access control system is working hard to secure your organization. Contact us today to take the first step toward protecting it.


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