Valuable Information About Types, Installation, Repair And How To Choose

Commercial door closers are mechanical devices that ensure a door closes smoothly after it was opened – either by a person or automatically. They are required in many commercial buildings, especially those with fire-rated doors, which must remain closed in order to guard against the spread of fire and smoke.

Businesses that use commercial door closers include shopping malls, department stores, schools, places of worship and retail establishments.

Common Problems With Commercial Door Closers

Problems with the hydraulic components of commercial door closers can arise, so it is critical to get them installed by a professional. Keep a close eye on the hydraulic arm, air pressure release valve, the catch and the bracket.

If you find yourself dealing with a jammed door, it is likely due to a malfunctioning door closer and may require immediate repair. The following are a few indications of issues with your door closer: the door is not functioning as desired, oil is dripping from the door closer or the spring tension has failed.

5 Types Of Commercial Door Closers

There are as many different types of commercial door closers as there are individual needs. It is important to carefully consider the spatial and functional demands of your business site when deciding which types to use.

1. Door Coordinators

The additional control provided by door coordinators is essential for double doors. Coordinators ensure the inactive leaf on the pair of doors closes prior to the active leaf. The most common type is the soffit-mounted coordinator.

2. Surface Door Closers

The regular and parallel arm applications work together to allow doors to swing open and closed a full 180 degrees.

3. Auto Operators

When actuated by a person, automatic door operators will open a door automatically and will keep the opening under control by closing it.

4. Magnetic Door Holders

Designed for doors that are kept open the majority of the time, but need to close for security purposes or to provide a fire barrier, magnetic door holders disengage and release the door if a fire breaks out.

5. Concealed Door Closers

These door closers can be concealed in a door, the frame of the door and even the floor to preserve the aesthetic quality of a building. It is imperative when selecting a concealed door closer, to ensure there is enough space to allow installation of the closer body.

The Expertise To Install Any Commercial Door Closer

Hawken Locksmith Services leverages 20 years of experience to provide the following professional, dependable commercial locksmith services such as door closers to a range of local businesses, schools, police departments, industrial buildings and more near you:

  • Installation – Working with your door frames, we will quickly and meticulously install door closers that will last for years.
  • Repair – After careful analysis and diagnosis of the issue, we will repair in a way that ensures longevity.
  • Replacement – If your door closer is beyond repair, we will swap it out for a high-quality replacement.

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